Why Now is the Time to Embrace SaaS-Based Technology

What Global Container Terminals Need to Know About the Benefits of SaaS-Based Technology

There is no doubt that software as a service (SaaS) has disrupted the traditional on-premise license software model. From finance and HR to sales enablement and marketing, companies are increasingly adopting subscription-based SaaS solutions in virtually all functions of their businesses. This surging demand shows no sign of slowing. In 2020 alone, global analyst and advisory firm Gartner1 (Costello & Rimol, 2020) forecasts that the SaaS market will grow to more than $104B. By 2022, that number will increase to more than $140B.

Yet when it comes to the container shipping industry – and terminal operations in particular – adoption of SaaS-based solutions has been relatively slow despite the availability of viable
and proven offerings.