Navis 360 Managed Services in Action!

In this webinar, Navis experts will demonstrate how 360 Managed Services can help you to:

  • Monitor your N4 ecosystem
  • Diagnose problems using state of the art log analysis tools
  •  Automate your manual tests prior to major upgrades.

You will see the tools 360 Managed Services uses to conduct these services in action, including monitoring dashboards, log file analysis and the automation of test scripts.

About our Presenters:


Andy Clason, VP of Technical Services

Andy has been with Navis for over 20 years, working as a Project Manager, Director of Support, Director of Training, Director of Professional Services, and most recently as VP of Technical Services. With decades of experience on TOS implementation, training and support, Andy brings a wealth of real-world knowledge about the industry, about the challenges of training, and about the Navis TOS.


Darren George, Director Technical Services

Darren George has worked in the industry for over 10 years with his first few years as a Navis customer at Transnet, South Africa. Darren joined Navis as a Senior Consultant in Professional Services where worked on a number of key customer implementations in the EMEA region and now works in Technical Services where he leads a team of specialized resources.


Joseph Alexander, Manager Testing Services, Navis

Joseph's passion lies with all things related to testing. He has worked with manual, automated and stress testing using multiple tools & technologies and across different industries. With the creation of test automation frameworks, Joseph has accelerated the software release cycles by enabling users to perform automated testing rapidly and consistently in his role as the Manager of Testing Services.