Navis explains how to manage EDI for effective performance in N4.

Find out more about:

  • What is an EDI Map? Which built in maps are available in SPARCS N4 and how can customers share their EDI maps on the NOC?
  • EDI Troubleshooting: Common EDI Errors and How to Resolve Them
  • Improving EDI Performance for BAPLIEs and Flat Files
  • Code Extension Options for EDI


About our Presenters:


Sadie Rabe, product Manager

As a graduate of the California Maritime Academy, Sadie has been working in the Maritime Industry for over 14 years. Since coming to Navis in 2000, she has had multiple roles including Support Engineer, training users and working on multiple SPARCS-Express go lives. For the past 4 years, Sadie has been a Product Manager for SPARCS N4 working on areas such as gate, orders, inventory and EDI.


Sabina Ahmed, Senior Engineering Manager

Sabina Ahmed has been with Navis since 2003. She joined the company as a Senior Software Engineer for the Navis Yard solution and since then worked on many different TOS features as a Technical Lead and Engineering Manager. She currently manages the product development team in Chennai, India and owns the development responsibilities for EDI, Gate, Billing, CAP and Business Intelligence. Prior to joining Navis, Sabina worked at i2 Technologies as a technical lead developing their E-procurement and workflow management software and at couple of different startups. Sabina has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from India and has presented at technical conferences over the last couple of decades.