Manage Your Fleet to Ensure Compliance and Lower Costs!

Shipping companies need to make smart and quick decisions to ensure their fleets stay ahead in our dynamic global environment. Regulations by international agencies, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Union (EU), require that shipping companies keep up to date with compliance in an efficient and cost-effective way for their fleet operations. Data accuracy and reliability, as well as fleet-wide standardization, remain prominent concerns of the shipping industry.

Watch our webinar “Manage Your Fleet to Ensure Compliance and Lower Costs” to discover how Navis Bluetracker can help your company lower fuel consumption costs, manage regulatory compliance, and boost fleet performance.

Topics include:

  • How to maintain a sustainable fleet and meet industry and environmental regulations effectively
  • Best practices on leveraging data to manage fleet compliance
  • Ways to aggregate data from different sources to boost fleet performance and lower fuel consumption

About our Presenters:


Bastian Gehnke, Sr. Product Manager

“Water is my element,” says Bastian Gehnke, who started his career in the waters as a voluntary lifeguard at the German Lifeguard Association DLRG before he decided in 2007 to continue on the waters with a degree in Maritime and Ship Operations onboard commercial vessels of a German shipping company. After earning nautical and technical licenses in shipping at the Seafaring School in Flensburg, he earned the graduate degree in Maritime Logistics and Ship Operations at the University of Flensburg. In 2014, Bastian joined Navis as a Technical Product Manager in the area of Vessel and Fleet Performance. Beside developing the Dynamic Trim Optimization model, he decisively contributed to the design of the vessel and fleet performance management software Bluetracker as well as the cloud-based calculation services of MACS3 Connected.


David Galler, Technical Sales Manager

As a Technical Sales Manager, David is responsible for the technical sales of the Navis Carrier and Vessel Solution Cloud products such as MACS3 API Services, MACS3 Connected and Bluetracker. An IT specialist for system integration, David has been working since 2005 in different positions at Navis that cover onboard installations of voyage data recorder VDR and Bluetracker Automatic. Before joining the cloud team, he has worked as a Project Engineer for Bluetracker and he was responsible for the Service & Support department of MACS3.