Modernizing Marine and Intermodal Rail Operations in Australia and New Zealand

Marine and rail intermodal yard operators face continual pressure to run services profitably, safely and on time with enhanced services to stay competitive. To better serve marine and intermodal rail sites, Navis brings solutions that enhance visibility across the entire rail network and drive more innovation to the rail freight industry! 

During the webinar, you will learn more about the latest developments in the Navis Rail portfolio and hear how Rail Terminal customers in the region are working with Navis to enhance their operations. Navis has several new developments in rail including the release of our Rail Terminal Operating System and the acquisition of Biarri Rail.  Biarri Rail provides planning and optimization solutions for freight railroads and is based in Melbourne Australia.

We cover the following key areas: 

  • A brief overview of Navis’ portfolio of rail product and solutions.
  • The Navis N4 Rail Terminal Operating System, highlighting product features to facilitate asset management, rail planning and execution for on-time, safe and productive operations.
  • Case study on how customers are partnering with Navis to improve their rail operations.
  • Advance Rail software operations that drive down cost through optimization of equipment and automated planning.
  • Roadmap development, including where we are going with network visibility, use of Apps in Rail operations to improve resource engagement and utilization, and lastly our reporting and business intelligence solution OpsView applied to Rail terminals.

About our Presenters:


Charles Gerard, VP and General Manager, Asia

Charles Gerard is the VP and General Manager, Asia. Charles is responsible for all sales and professional services in Asia-Pacific. Previous at Navis, he was the VP of Customer Experience responsible for the global Support. He managed the Americas and APAC PS teams before moving to the commercial side of business as an Account Manager. From 2005 to 2012 Charlie helped build the Asia business through various Sales and Sales Leadership positions. Charles spent 7 years living in Hong Kong building the APAC client base and organization. Charles’ started his career in the maritime industry sailing as a licensed engineering and deck officer on container vessels, tankers and LNG carriers.


Karen Lin, Product Manager

Karen Lin has a background of Industrial Engineering and Operation Research. She has been with Navis since 2015, first as a Professional Services consultant, primarily working on multiple rail automation implementations, and is now the Product Manager of rail TOS products.