Improve Customer Service and Optimize Your General Cargo Operations with Master Terminal by Navis!

In today's competitive landscape, terminal operators must provide top-notch services to their customers to stay ahead. We invite you to find out how Master Terminal by Navis can help you take care of your customers and your general cargo operations. 

In this webinar “Improve Customer Service and Optimize Your General Cargo Operations with Master Terminal by Navis,” you will learn why Navis continues to be the smartest choice for marine, river, inland and intermodal terminals in meeting their general cargo requirements. 

Topics include:

  • The Web Portal for Master Terminal, recently released with Vehicle Bookings, which provides a port's customers real-time insight and control of cargo at the terminal for bookings, tracking, appointments and more
  • How ports can empower their customers and improve customer experience
  • How providing your customers with access to the Web Portal can save time and money
  • An overview of Master Terminal and Navis' general cargo portfolio

About our Presenters:


Rebecca Rowley, Architect, Master Terminal by Navis

Rebecca has been with Master Terminal for 2 years as an Architect with a particular focus on the Master Terminal Web Product Suite and Integration Strategies for Master Terminal. Prior to this she spent close to a decade at a leading Australasion eCommerce Platform Provider working as a Software Developer, and then progressing into Senior Developer and Team Leader Roles before taking on Management and Technical Leadership for the companies largest customer.


George Belle, Director of Product Marketing, Navis

George joined Navis in 2002. Since that time, he has held roles in Professional Services, Customer Support, Sales Engineering, and Product Marketing. Previous jobs involve writing code for video games & video editing, plus extensive project work in professional services organizations. George holds a BS in Computer Engineering with a minor in German from Purdue University, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.