Your Path To Automation By Navis and ZPMC


To stay competitive, terminals increasingly are leveraging Automation technologies to improve operational safety, increase productivity and get ahead of the market.

During the webinar, 'Your Path to Automation', technology partners Navis and ZPMC discuss opportunities to retrofit operations to take advantage of equipment and process automation at your terminal.

Note that this webinar is in Chinese.

Topics include:

  • How to design an Automated Terminal strategy in a phased approach that makes sense for your terminal
  • Automated optimized decision making for job sequencing and dispatching for optimal terminal productivity
  • Tianjin and QQCTN case studies demonstrating how Navis and ZPMC works with customers for a tailored approach to automation

About our Presenters:


Mark Welles, VP Global Partnerships

Mark Welles is the VP of Global Partnerships, responsible for our relationship with global customers headquartered in Asia – including Cosco Shipping Ports – as well as ZPMC, the world’s leader in port equipment. Based in Hong Kong, he is a 30 year veteran of the region. Prior to that he was General Manager for Asia. Before moving to Navis, he was VP of Sales for TradeCard, leading business development in Japan and Asia for their cloud based financial supply chain solution. Mark has also held senior positions at Oracle, PeopleSoft and JDEdwards spearheading sales, planning and execution for their supply chain and manufacturing applications.


Kathy Xie, Program Manager

Kathy Xie is a Sales Engineer at Navis, providing technical support to key product areas that drive Navis business including Automation and RTG Optimization and Navis other product areas. She has initially joined Navis EMEA team nearly 9 years ago as a consultant and moved to Qingdao to support the first Asia Fully Automated Terminal in 2016. She holds a BS in IBA and MS in Finance & Investment from Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Yu Jun, Deputy General Manager, ZPMC Smart Group Intelligent Software Company

Yu Jun is the Deputy General Manager of ZPMC Smart Group Intelligent Software Company, responsible for software solutions for automated terminals. He joined Zhenhua Heavy Industry in 2007 and has been engaged in automated terminal related work. Since 2014, as the technical leader of the Qingdao project of ZPMC, he began to cooperate with Navis. Under his efforts, the two teams worked together to help users achieve great success.